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Financial Services

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Private Health Insurance

Private Health Insurances are different from the governmental health insurance. With private commercial companies, the insurance relationship is made through a private contract and not through any governmental legislation.


  • Possible contribution refund 

  • Dues are salary independent 

  • Individual scope of services 

  • Fast Track appointment allocation at medical specialists 

  • Single bedroom and Chief Physician therapy

Tech Recruiting

Permanent and Contract 

- Cloud

- Cyber Security

- Software Development

Long Term Wealth

Long Term Wealth Building is an ideal addition to a regular and company pension. It focuses on building wealth with only low spendable amounts per month. Regularly, money is strategically invested in capital funds and can be withdrawn at any point. Capital funds are low risk investment as the invested capital is strewn to many single titles.



  • Possible with only spending 25€  a month 

  • Flexible investment duration 

  • Choose fund from DWS Investments and Allianz Global Investors 

      Change between funds 

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